Thursday, January 12, 2012

The rest of the dress was too

wichita falls country            
wichita falls country
pictures of light blue satin     
pictures of light blue satin
to try - pink and red,           
to try - pink and red,
to try - pink and red,           
to try - pink and red,
Black and White Cotton Wedding   
Black and White Cotton Wedding
Christmas Pink Strapless         
Christmas Pink Strapless
These felted Christmas Trees     
These felted Christmas Trees
pink christmas wedding           
pink christmas wedding
A few very pretty pink things    
A few very pretty pink things
Girl Christmas dresses for       
Girl Christmas dresses for
pink satin Christmas             
pink satin Christmas
Pearlfection - Nubar Pixie       
Pearlfection - Nubar Pixie
Brilliant Rainbow Pixie Tutu     
Brilliant Rainbow Pixie Tutu
Closeup of Pixie Wedding Dress   
Closeup of Pixie Wedding Dress
PIXIE EDITED 19010 zoom 30       
PIXIE EDITED 19010 zoom 30
black fairy pixie dress black    
black fairy pixie dress black
I had made a black doris plum    
I had made a black doris plum
Plum meringues with pistachio    
Plum meringues with pistachio
Pnina Tornai 31768583 6 9        
Pnina Tornai 31768583 6 9
The rest of the dress was too    
The rest of the dress was too

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